Letters Never Sent (1994)                           

Letters Never Sent   :   Lyrics

Lost In Your Love   :   Lyrics

Like A River   :   Lyrics

Time Works On All The Wild Young Men   :   Lyrics

Touched By The Sun   :   Lyrics

Davy   :   Lyrics

Halfway Round The World   :   Lyrics

What About A Holiday   :   Lyrics

The Reason   :   Lyrics

Private   :   Lyrics

Catch It Like A Fever   :   Lyrics

Born To Break My Heart   :   Lyrics

I'd Rather It Was You   :   Lyrics

Liners & Credits

This record is dedicated to the memory of my Astounding Mother, Andrea Simon and my much loved friend, Jacqueline Onassis.

Special thanks to: the staff in Pawling, as well as Simon and Nancy, my second family at Right Track studio. Brian Doyle, Howard Siegel, Steve Huff, Walter Keiser, Taj Mahal, Dave Stewart, Marc Cohen, Tamara Weiss, Arlyne Rothberg, Don Was, Paul Samwell-Smith (whom continues to be a most interesting musical influence), Clive Davis, Roy Lott, Rick Bisceglia, Dick Wingate, Tom Ennis, Amy Finkle and everyone at Arista Records, Cathy Shoemaker, Irma Johnson, Jake Butterworth, Dave Smith, Audio Techniques, Fred Sample, Howard Morgan, Beth Miller, and of course to Jim Hart (whom I depend upon for the truth when all around me looks like hype). To Ellie, Jenny & Carrie Filipetti for their unremitting "Frank" deprivation. To Julia Simon, my niece and to Sally and Ben Taylor, my children who are leaving the nest and following their dreams. May you all get there..

Produced by: Frank Filipetti & Carly Simon
Engineered and Mixed by: Frank Filipetti
All strings arranged & conducted by: Teese Gohl and contracted by Emile Charlap except,
"Lost In Your Love" arranged & conducted by: Arif Mardin & Joe Mardin
Second Engineer: Jay Militscher
Assistant Engineers: Al Theurer, Matt Curry, Jim Caruana, Yvonne Yedibalian, Carl Glanville
Additional Engineering: Gary Chester, Jay Militscher

Recorded at Right Track Recording, Room With A View, Edison Studios, The Hit Factory, Sound on Sound, New York City and Cadiloon Sound, Pawling, NY
Mixed at Right Track Recording, Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York City

Production Coordinator: Jill Dell'Abate
Representation & Direction: Brian Doyle, Assistant to Carly Simon: Cathy Shoemaker
Art Direction & Front Cover Collage: Carly Simon, Photography: Bob Gothard
Back Cover Photo: Richard L. Simon, Hand-Tinting: Amy Finkle
Design: Susan Mendola, Front Cover Type Design: Jim Lebadd Collage Research: Tamara Weiss